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LH Celestine

I Februar dro Celestine til sitt nye  hjem, i Hokksund. Den 14 Februrar tok vi turen oppover, som gikk veldig bra. Celestine ser ut til å trives, med de nye eierne sine Hilde og Lina.

Hilde og Lina har en del erfaringer innenfor travet! Vi ønsker dem lykke til med L.H Celestine!

Lh. Celestine med sin nye ute vennine i Hokksund; Bilde Hilde og Lina

Her er L.H Celestine sitt første møte med sin nye venn, i sitt nye hjem!





L.H. Celestine First interval training. / Første intervall treningen

_DSC0987Denne Damen gikk sine først intervall etter å ha kommer hjem igjen etter lang trenings periode hos Bo W.

Vi tok det ganske rolig, for å se hvor hun ligger, men etter oppvarmingen på 3,600 m jogg hadde vi fire intervaller på 500 m * 4.

Tidene ble; 0,53,5-0,56,6-0,54,7-0,53,7

Hun blåste noe, men ikke noe stort, og hun falt fort tilbake på normal puls. Hadde vært gøy å kunne bruke pulsmåler på henne, for å se hvor mye hun egenlig anstrenger seg. For hun virket helt fin da vi kom tilbake på tsallen etter 8 min jogg/skritt.

This lady went on her first interval training to day. After a longe training Period at Bo W. We took it quietly, this time to see how she is and have far she have been coming.  We started whit warming up whit 3600, jog. Then intervals 500 M*4 times, DSC_3690

The Time recorded; 0,53,5-0,56,6-0,54,7-0,53,7

She blew a little, but nothing Major and she fell immediately back to normal pulse. Would be fun to use a heart ratemonitor on her. Just to see how much she endeavors. For she seemed perfectly fine when we got back to the stable after 8 min jog/walk.


L.H. Celestine Debutt

Yesterday  was L.H Celestine`s debut on Jarlsberg racing track. She did a good job showing herself off on the track, acting like a Lady and new what to do when. Well She is been i slow growing. _DSC1616 Now in a moth she will be back whit her sister, where they are going to train together rest of the year. Growing and getting stronger! In the mean while u can all see some of the show of pictures from the race yesterday!  _DSC1618_DSC1621 _DSC1625

New Chance for the two Girls

This last months many things have happen, Both of the Girls have  left  Kongvinger.

sapturen 019

Saphira left to Son whit her trainer, in 2013 she had two race, and she did great on both of them. After 6 week of to grow, she got a injury on her leg, so she needed two weeks off and some painkillers, know everything looks greater, but we are going to ex-ray her left Tarus, since she looks little strange on her leg. I am coming back to that after the visit of the vet!

Celestine moved to Selvik, and been training whit the harness and the wagon, but she is not like her sister at all. She is stubborn and knows she is bigger than us, and she likes to make some fights whit the other horses outside, she looks like she have been in a war every time she gets back in. She is not going to be at Selvik for long, so I hope she is going live life there now, because after this month the breaking are going to start right away!

Two Sister Finally together again;)

My mare Prilla Roos gave birth of two wonderfully Girls! L.H Saphira and L.H Celestinè, They are Half sister, Only a year between them. They do look more like there`s  mother than they fathers.

Yesterday They finally meet and are going to stand together whit the same trainer  Daymon T.  Minor,

Here some photo from the meeting.


Saphira og celestin 067Saphira og celestin 024Saphira og celestin 035Saphira og celestin 058Saphira og celestin 047Saphira og celestin 059Saphira og celestin 060Saphira og celestin 086Saphira og celestin 091

L.H Celestinè starts on her training

She is not more than 10 months old, but we started her training last week to have her halter and harness on. She was acting like a perfect racehorse. Standing still, looking good, too good to be only a baby, but her big sister L.H Saphira was also really nice in her`s days.


The pictures are a little bad 😉


2013-02-17 16.35.21 2013-02-17 16.35.48 2013-02-17 16.37.16 2013-02-17 16.37.23