The last 6 Months

L.H Saphira had a limp in her back leg, so after consulting  whit the veterinary, she was going to get some rest in 6 month. This was in January, 2014. Celestine left Svelvik to go in full training and Saphira was going to rest.


3 months after the switch Saphira was all over the place and the leg was looking really nice, So we ended up leaving to the veterinary. He cud not se any reason that the horse was suppose to stand anymore, so we left and start to move Saphira back to her trainer.


After two months Saphira and Celestinè are in training, Both are looking fine. know that they are back to eight other and can be playing whit there Onckel Jotroll. Here a little movie that was taken when they got together again;)


Celestinè have starts to look like horse after getting muscatels, no Baby doll anymore;)






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