New Chance for the two Girls

This last months many things have happen, Both of the Girls have  left  Kongvinger.

sapturen 019

Saphira left to Son whit her trainer, in 2013 she had two race, and she did great on both of them. After 6 week of to grow, she got a injury on her leg, so she needed two weeks off and some painkillers, know everything looks greater, but we are going to ex-ray her left Tarus, since she looks little strange on her leg. I am coming back to that after the visit of the vet!

Celestine moved to Selvik, and been training whit the harness and the wagon, but she is not like her sister at all. She is stubborn and knows she is bigger than us, and she likes to make some fights whit the other horses outside, she looks like she have been in a war every time she gets back in. She is not going to be at Selvik for long, so I hope she is going live life there now, because after this month the breaking are going to start right away!


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