Sap goes a new direction

It`s Saturday morning. our care drives up to the field, where sap, her sister and her mother stand. To day is the big day. She is leaving every thing she now and everyone. She is going to the Trotting trainer. This is a big day for her owner to. This is the first baby, she have breed and now Sap is going to show the results the next couple of years to come.

It`s not hot or cold. Its perfect weather for both horse and owner. Sap did it great to go on the hanger. She was standing really good all the way. Her owner was a little scared hos she was standing under the boat trip. but like Sap`S mother, she was standing good.

Well on the farm. She had a problem go of the hanger. but after a min or so she was of the hanger. So now she is standing whit a yearling far from home. But she is a strong girl.



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